About the Journal

Focus and Scope

In our Language: Journal of Pacific Research (IOL) publishes existing peer reviewed and published research, reviews, poems, short stories and essays that have been directly translated (typically from English) to a Pacific language. The translation and publishing of existing research provides an ethical and culturally appropriate means of reporting back to research communities and participants (who were involved in the original research), while also offering high quality language-friendly literature for Pacific stakeholders, researchers, students, consultation groups and policy makers in their native tongue. Papers will be published as 'Online First' publications immediately following the review and acceptance process. The aim is to publish two issues (of approximately eight papers) per year.

Journal Sponsor

IOL is published by the Assistant Vice Chancellor Pacific, Office of the Vice-Chancellor, at the University of Waikato.

Open Access Policy

The journal is open access with the final published version of every article (or Version of Record) permanently and freely available online for anyone, anywhere, to read. The journal uses a Creative Commons Licence, which must be respected at all times. There are no charges for submitting or processing any manuscript. IOL’s free open access policy is aimed at supporting the ethical and culturally appropriate dissemination of research to research communities and participants together with supporting a greater global exchange of knowledge.

A simple guide for those considering submission to IOL

The Review Process

Due to the IOL’s goal of publishing existing peer reviewed and published works in a Pacific language, blind review is impossible.  Regardless, the IOL Editorial / Board members have committed to undertake all translation reviews in a professional and unbiased manner in order to aid the overarching goal of disseminating high quality Pacific research in Pacific languages.

Publishing Ethics Policy

The Publishing Ethics Policy for the In our Language: Journal of Pacific Research (IOL) is comprised of:

  • The review process and ethical guidelines for reviewers.
  • Online submission and ethical guidelines for authors and authorship.

Ethical Guidelines for Reviewers

IOL Editorial Board members play a key role in the review process to ensure accuracy of translation of the designated Pacific language (from the original peer reviewed  and published article) as opposed to the reviewing of the research, supporting literature, methodology, findings and conclusions, or the structures and form of poetry, short story or essay themes. It is accepted that this latter form of review occurred during the publication process of the original article. In cases where IOL Editorial Board members have been allocated a manuscript for review, although feel they lack the experience or qualifications to personally review the said manuscript, they have the right to delegate reviewing to someone with appropriate experience. 

All Editorial Board members and reviewers are expected to make every reasonable effort to adhere to the following ethical guidelines for articles they have agreed to review:

  • Reviewers must judge the quality of translation of each submitted manuscript on its merits.
  • When reviewing a manuscript, reviewers should declare any perceived conflicts of interest that could potentially bias their review beyond knowledge of the author(s) and their work.
  • Reviewers must keep the review process confidential; information or correspondence about a manuscript should not be shared with anyone outside of the review process.
  • The IOL appreciates the complexities involved in language translation, particularly when research often contains terminologies, themes and processes for which there are no specific Pacific words. This often necessitates the creation of a hybridised Pacific word or explanations that increase word length. Reviewers are therefore encouraged to seek advice from peers and elders in order to gain feedback and consensus regarding translation technicalities to aid constructive review feedback. Such consultation should be done with consideration and discretion aimed at protecting, where possible, the identity and dignity of the author(s).
  • Reviewers should provide a constructive, comprehensive and appropriately substantial report of the translation work, and guidance that will be critical to the author’s production of a quality publication.
  • Reviewers must avoid making statements in their report that might be construed as impugning any person's reputation.
  • Reviewers should make all reasonable effort to submit their report and recommendation in a timely manner (preferably within 30 days), informing the Journal Manager if this is not possible.

Reviewers are expected to provide constructive critical reviews aimed at strengthening the quality of the manuscript’s translation from the original to the designated Pacific language. This includes reviewers commenting on translation language style, accuracy and grammar, and where appropriate, raising questions as needed.

Please note that the reviewer’s critique, comments and report will be seen by the author, although the reviewers name will not be revealed. The reviewers report will be acknowledged by email.

Complaints procedure

Should authors, readers or reviewers have a complaint, this must be sent in writing to the Editor in Chief, outlining the basis of the complaint.

The Editor in Chief will review any complaint in line with the policies and procedures of IOL. The Editor in Chief may convene an extraordinary Editorial Board meeting to resolve matters before responding to the complainant with a final ruling and/or next steps.